Co-founder of Studio Palermo, Sven Rayen is a tattooist and illustrator recognized for his skills in drawing and detailed shading work.

A formally trained illustrator, his palette of techniques stretches across a variety of mediums such as drawing, oilpainting, scraperboard and airbrush, always maintaining focus on linear/atmospheric perspective and anatomy. As a tattooist delving into all the incredible possibilities of the tattoo machine, Sven has found a true medium of expression, specializing in single needle, fineline, blackwork, and black and gray. His tattoos appeal to those who have an affinity for imaginative and intricate iconography. His portfolio is varied, striking, and singular and showcases his range, from realistic portraits, simplified geometric animals, and anatomically precise figures to highly stylized yet individualistic designs.

Drawing since childhood, it only made sense for Sven to pursue studies in art, graduating with a Masters in Applied Arts in 2002. Following that, he had a roster of stints as a graphic artist working for various brands including EASTPAK and for musicians illustrating their record covers. Sven naturally gravitated towards tattooing, starting out at SinSin Tattoo, where he learned all the essentials of old school tattoo techniques and vamped up on the skills necessary to draw on the body. He has been invited to guest spot at the established studios of Sang Bleu (London) and Classic Ink (Dublin). Within a short period he has gained widespread attention for his tattoo collection, garnering local and international following.

Striving for craftsmanship in every detail, each tattoo design is judiciously measured to fit the body, considered in terms of proportions and composition, applied with attention to detail, and meticulously executed. His well-rounded oeuvre encapsulates classical and contemporary styles, reflecting his ease in an array of visual idioms.

All designs are custom made with love.

In 2015, Sven together with his long time friend, designer Ticuta Racovita-Cordemans launched Studio Palermo (a multidisciplinary creative space engaging in client-based projects, music production, book publishing, artistic collaborations, events and exhibitions), home to his tattoo and illustration atelier. The studio values transparency, authenticity, and time-honoured relationships as its core principles.