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Portrait tattoo

Would you like to get a beautiful and realistic portrait tattoo? At Studio Palermo in Antwerp, Belgium, we are happy to help you. When you want a visual representation of a person, we can transform an image into the tattoo you desire. Therefore, it is important for us to receive a copy of high quality to be able to resemble your loved ones into a tattoo.

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The tattooist of our studio is capable to design all kinds of tattoos. Think about a light tattoo or unique blackwork tattoos for example. Tattooing a photorealistic portrait tattoo is a different level of tattooing and even with this extremely difficult skill, we guarantee the best results. Take a look at previous works and see the high detailing for yourself. Did we convince you of our capability? Then contact us for an appointment.

tattoo of head in roman sculpture style

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Take a moment and prepare a nice letter and post it over. We are really looking forward to receiving your letter, the classic way! We read and respond to every letter. If you don't get a response within a month after posting it, you may then call us during the designated times to make sure everything is in order.

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