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Geometric Tattoos

Geometric tattoos are a captivating style of body art that showcases the skilled utilization of geometric shapes and patterns to form visually striking designs. This unique tattooing approach revolves around precise lines, well-defined angles, and symmetrical arrangements, resulting in a harmonious blend of artistry and mathematical precision. Geometric tattoos can depict a wide range of subjects, including animals, flowers, objects, or abstract compositions, with each design carefully constructed using geometric elements.

They can be minimalist and simple, focusing on a single shape or a few interconnected elements. On the other hand, they can also be highly intricate and detailed, with complex patterns and geometric arrangements covering larger areas of the body. Some popular variations of geometric tattoos include mandalas, sacred geometry, dotwork, and blackwork.

These tattoos are not just aesthetically pleasing, but they can also carry symbolic meanings. The geometric shapes and patterns can represent concepts such as balance, harmony, unity, transformation, or the interconnectedness of the universe. Additionally, individuals may choose geometric tattoos for their precise and structured nature, reflecting their own personality traits or desire for order and symmetry.

In 2009 Sven Rayen merged his expertise in 3D software with the

aesthetics of geometric tattooing. One of the defining characteristics of 3D modelling is the use of polygons that serve as the building blocks of the overall design. Polygons are essential components used to construct virtual objects and environments. They form the basic shape or structure before additional details, textures, and lighting effects are added. These two-dimensional shapes are formed by connecting straight sides to create a closed figure. The edges of a polygon, which are the straight sides, converge at the vertices, the points where they intersect.

Rayen create his unique style of geometric tattoos by incorporating polygonal elements into his designs, thus creating the first-ever geometric animal tattoos, captivating audiences with their intricate polygonal patterns and strong visual impact.

Since then, many tattoo artists around the world have embraced the use of polygons, to create mesmerizing artwork that pays homage to both mathematical precision and artistic expression.

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A selection of geometric tattoos by Sven Rayen

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